Top 10 Ugliest Woodies of all time

Woodies: A Body Only a Collector Could Love

“Ugh, that’s one ugly woodie.” While this is quite the low blow to a man’s ego, can you imagine how the car manufacturers feel? Yes, we’re talking cars here; the splinter­ inspired “Woodie” models, to be exact. You may be wondering, “What is a woodie?” and no, that time after junior prom does not qualify.

A woodie is a car­body style in which the bodywork is constructed of wood framework, with either infill wood panels or painted metal. While there’s no accounting for taste, we’ve gathered a collection of the top “ugliest” woodies, based on personal and public opinion! Take a look.

The Top 10 Ugliest Woodies of all time

Top 10 Ugliest Woodies

1.1937 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon Some avid gardener had the brilliant idea to combine both “car” and “shed.”

2.1940s Nash Ambassador Suburban When vintage cars meet vintage furniture.

3. Biscúter Commercial 200C …Made by Fisherprice, for ages eight and up.

4. 2000′s Chrysler PT Cruiser It would be hard to get your woody serviced with this car ….

5. 1940′s GMC One­ton Mountain Woodie Cue banjo music.

6. 1960′s Ford Country Squire Wagon This car has been given a new coat of paint….and varnish.

7. 1973 Jeep Wagoneer It was almost a normal car, until they added a plank of wood.

8. 1980s Plymouth Voyager When you need practicality over aesthetics, you can’t go far wrong with this woody.

9. 1980′s AMC Eagle Wagon This eagle has landed….and crashed.

10. 2010′s Chevrolet Spark Woodie Talk about a hybrid car.

Weird, Woodie Facts

Contemporary, woodies are offered for a starting price of $150,000 today, even if they’re manufactured in mostly steel. Surprising? Not when considering the following woodie facts….

#1.The woodie is Huntington Beach, CA.’s “official car,” and surfer music gave rise to the term “woodie.” Why is This?
In the 1950s…

  • Woodies were cheap and cheerful, and appealed to surfers who were generally strapped ­for­ cash.
  • Surfers relied on the woodie’s spacious interior to haul around long surfboards.
  • Woodies weathered well in CA, due to the warm/dry climate.
  • Rumor has it that some surfers were known to sacrifice their cars for the sake of firewood.
  • Woodies were immortalized in various Beach Boys’ songs.

#2. Some woodie models were considered “upscale” and became favorites of the wealthy. Yes indeed, woodies were often referred to as estate cars, and popular amongst “country gentlemen” who owned large rural estates.

#3. Woodies were a product of the age of train travels, and designed to ferry guests between train stations and vacation resorts. They were known as “station wagons” due to variations of the earlier name “depot hack,” which originated from laborers who worked around train depots as “hacks.”

#4. Woodies were never a profitable item for car makers. Why? They were extremely labor intensive to produce, and hand assembled! Talk about woodwork.

*While the “woodie” look is not as popular as more modern styles, the demand for woodie souvenirs, toys, jewelry and other collectables has never been greater! The rarity of surviving woodie cars today make them highly favorable for car collectors, so feel free to peruse the original woodshop gems in the infographic below. For all you car enthusiasts, don’t forget to visit to stay updated on Honda’s more modern car selections, sans wood.


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