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Based in Japan, Honda is well known for manufacturing plenty of quality, practical vehicles at a rate that just about anybody can afford. Just after World War II came the first endeavors by Honda, and the small-time effort quickly grew into a major success in terms of both automobiles and motorcycle. In order to better appreciate exactly what the company has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time, consider looking through the lengthy history that Honda has created for itself.

The history of Honda in Pictures

Honda: From Its Start to Its Success

1. October 1946: Soichiro Honda announces his intention to develop 2-cycle motorbike engines by founding and establishing the Honda Technical Research Institute based in Hamamatsu, Japan.

2. 1948: Honda goes on to found and create the Honda Motor Company, Ltd.

3. 1959: Honda takes its company overseas, opening a Los Angeles storefront. This year also sees Honda becoming the most significant motorcycle manufacturer as well as internal combustion engines. Honda is the largest manufacturer as it produces 14 million per year.

4. 1963: The first mini pick-up truck is manufactured by Honda: the T360. This same year also leads Honda to produce the S500 sports car.

5. 1964: Honda produces and releases the RA271, its next sports car.

6. 1966: Honda begins to sell and export the S800.

7. 1967: Honda releases the N360, which is a mini-car that uses front wheel drive.

8. 1968: Honda begins to export both the N360 and the N600.

9. 1970: Honda releases the Vamos.

10. 1971: Honda releases the Life mini-car.

11. 1972: Honda releases the Civic.

12. 1972: Honda release the Accord.

13. 1978: Honda releases the Prelude.

14. 1981: Honda releases both the Fit Aria and the City.

15. 1982: Honda releases the Ballade along with the Jazz and the Fit.

16. 1985: Honda releases the Legend, the Today mini-car and the Quint Integra.

17. 1986: Honda becomes the first automobile manufacturer to create a brand dedicated to luxury as it creates the Acura brand. This is the first year where Honda becomes involved with researching robotics as well as artificial intelligence.

18. 1989: Honda releases the Accord Inspire.

19. 1990: Honda releases the NSX sports car and the Caren.

20. 1991: Production of automobiles around the world reaches 20 million for Honda.

21. 1994: Honda releases both the Shuttle and the Odyssey.

22. 1995: Production of the Civic around the world reaches 10 million while total Honda units reach 30 million around the world. In addition, Honda releases the CR-V sports utility vehicle.

23. 1996: Honda releases the Step WGN.

24. 1999: Honda releases the S2000 sports car along with the Insight hybrid vehicle. In addition, the company reintroduces the Vamos.

25. 2000: Honda releases the ASIMO robot along with the Life Almas, which is the first mini-car to feature equipment to permit the physically challenged to drive. The Stream minivan is also released.

26. 2001: Honda releases the Civic Hybrid and the Fit.

27. 2002: Honda releases the Accord Hybrid.

28. 2003: Honda reaches 10 million units in the United States, which is a first for Japanese automobile manufacturers.

29. 2004: Honda releases the Elysion while looking more into aerospace as it establishes GE Honda Aero Engines.

30. 2005: Honda leases the FCX fuel cell vehicle as worldwide hybrid sales reach 100,000. In addition, it releases the Ridgeline truck in the United States while selling a refuelling appliance for gas vehicles, Phill.

31. 2007: Honda releases the Crossroad.

32. August 2008: Honda becomes the fourth largest manufacturer of automobiles in the United States, moving on past Chrysler.

33. September 2008: Honda introduces the Freed and increases production worldwide.

34. February 2009: Honda brings out a new Insight for Japan before bringing to the United States a few months later.

35. 2010: Honda releases the Crosstour.

36. 2011: Honda releases the CR-Z.

37. 2012: Honda produces the Honda HA-420 HondaJet aircraft and the N-One.

38. 2015: Honda expects to release the NSX again.

As the infographic will show, Honda has quickly grown into its own and made major strides from its early post-war years. At the moment, Honda is the second largest manufacturer in all of Japan, only second to Toyota, putting it just ahead of Nissan. In addition to this, the Honda Technology Research Institute Company has become the sixth largest manufacturer in the entire world.

In addition to the motorcycle and automobile business, Honda also has put its focus on producing aeronautical technologies, ATVs, mountain bikes, lawn equipment, garden equipment, scooters, robots, watercraft, personal watercraft, marine engines, marie engines and more. Honda puts 5 percent of its own revenue into development and research as well.

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Honda History Infographic

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