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2013 Honda CR-V EX-L

The 2013 Honda CR-V EX-L is a five-seat crossover with an excellent interior layout and a well-equipped command center. It has several unique features that you won’t find on its rivals. First, low door sills help owners access the back seat. Second, the rear doors open at a true 90 angle, again helping owners access the back seat. These features make it easier to reach children in carseats and easier to load or unload cargo. Since the rear seats fold down to form a flat floor, this vehicle is truly utilitarian.

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MSRP: $22,795 – $30,295

Key Features

The EX-L is the luxury version of the Honda CR-V. The EX-L has leather seating, XM radio, a stronger stereo system, and other luxuries. The car’s ergonomics are exceptional. Drivers will find everything within their reach. One particularly good design feature is the center console with a sliding cover. It slides back to reveal USB and 12-volt connections for phones and MP3s. This can be left open and still be out of the driver’s way. Despite its top-of-the-line status, the Honda CR-V EX-L still lacks some key favorites. Navigation, a DVD player and all wheel drive are extras that will add to the price.


The CR-V has a four cylinder engine with a five-speed automatic transmission. With a maximum of 185 horsepower /163 torque, the CR-V EX-L offers good acceleration and reasonably good performance. Handling is exceptional due to electronic features that provide better traction, regulate brake distribution and work with the driver to stabilize the vehicle in difficult road conditions.

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The electric power steering is also motion adaptive, recognizing and correcting for speed. Hill Assist allows the vehicle to get a few seconds of extra braking time while the driver moves a foot to the accelerator. This protects the gears and provides a better incline start. All CR-V models come with two wheel drive, but all wheel drive is available.

These days consumers tend to expect the best possible gas mileage from a new vehicle. CR-V gas mileage in the city is only 23 mpg, which is low compared to many 5-seat cars. On the other hand, the Honda CR-V EX-L can get 31 miles per gallon on the highway. In addition, the CR-V EX-L uses regular unleaded, which makes it cheaper to operate than some luxury SUV rivals and diesel competitors. The vehicle also has simple aids to help the driver improve fuel economy. The Econ Button lets the Honda CR-V EX-L driver pick efficiency or power. The Eco Assist bars on either side of the speedometer help the driver improve personal driving habits. In addition, the information display shows average fuel economy and real time fuel economy, providing more instantaneous feedback on driving habits.


The 2013 CR-V has a truly handsome exterior with nips and tucks that give it more form than a boxy SUV. The side windows seem to end in a V at the front and rear. The taillights seem to form a V with their light. The EX-L is equipped with foglights, a must-have on a vehicle with headlights so far above the bumper. Roof rails, an EX-L feature, provide roof cargo options. The EX-L also has larger, 17” wheels while the base LX model makes do with 16” wheels.

The CR-V has low door sills. This helps riders get in and out easier, and it is better for loading or unloading cargo. The rear doors open a full 90 degrees, allowing better access to cargo or children in carseats. Since the rear seats fold flat, they create a generous cargo space. The EX-L adds a retractable cargo cover that allows drivers to have storage privacy until they need more room. The EX-L also adds a moonroof and heated side mirrors.

Inside, the style is luxurious and ergonomic. Honda has put a 5-inch iMID screen, complete with XM Radio, within easy reach of the driver. Voice commands can work systems such as SMS texting, Bluetooth phone calls, audio streaming, and the available navigation system. The stereo is a 328 watt system with seven speakers. This system could blow you away in this midsized vehicle. Fortunately, the CR-V has speed-sensitive volume control. The multifunction screen offers access to XM Radio and Pandora. Complete with guidelines and multiple angle views, the EX-L rearview camera makes reverse maneuvers much easier. Honda’s navigation system is available only on the EX-L model, and it is probably worth the investment to complete the technology package. A DVD player is also extra. Honda offers a drop down 7-inch screen with a pair of wireless headphones. Rear seat passengers will love it. They also will appreciate the fold down center armrest and standard rear heater ducts. The EX-L also has a dual-zone climate control system while the other models only offer a manual.


With its ACE (Advanced Compatability Engineering body structure, the CR-V can channel the crash force away from the cabin. If that doesn’t do the trick, fast-acting airbags cover the front seat passengers and the side rear passengers. Children are safer in carseats anchored by the 2013 CR-V LATCH system. Of course, daytime running lights are automatic, which are designed as a preventative measure to help other drivers see the CR-V. In addition, the EX-L has automatic halogen headlights that turn on in dim light. To prevent a lane change collision, the driver side mirror has a special view-enhanced feature that decreases the driver’s blind spot. The CR-V has both a five-star rating from the federal government and a top safety pick designation by the insurance industry.


If you are interested in a five-seat crossover, you will like the ergonomic, luxurious 2013 Honda CR-V EX-L. Honda offers the CR-V with a guarantee that it will not need a major scheduled tune-up for 100,000 miles. This fact, coupled with its reasonable highway gas mileage and EcoAssist features, should mean that it has a low cost of ownership. Overall this vehicle offers a good value, a good reputation, and an inviting package. Most EX-L buyers tend to want navigation, and this does increase the price of the package.

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  1. Thomas Brown on said:

    Please advise why my radio emits static when in operation.
    Thank you,
    Thomas Brown

    • Do you have it on a proper station? Have you taken it to a Honda service center? Perhaps you have a broken wire or something to that effect.

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